National Resistance Center of Ukraine

Each of us can confront the enemy and take part in the victory


Together we will turn the life of the occupiers into hell

Who are we?

This site was created by the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to support and coordinate all those fighting for the liberation of our land from the russian occupiers.

What shall you do?

Help our Defense Forces: resist in the temporarily occupied territories, report on the movement of enemy personnel and their equipment, support our partisans.

Useful resources

Fixation of a war crime by the Prosecutor General’s Office

The Office of the Prosecutor General, together with Ukrainian and international partners, created this resource to properly document war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the russian army in Ukraine.

The information provided by you will be used to bring to justice persons guilty of the most serious international crimes, both in Ukrainian courts and in the International Criminal Court in The Hague and in a special tribunal after its creation.

Send videos and photos, as well as any information using the form below.

Your vigilance is our strength

An application for distributing information about the location of enemy russian equipment, soldiers and dangerous objects on the territory of Ukraine.

Security Service of Ukraine

Telegram bot for providing information on the deployment or movement of occupying forces

Support the resistance

Support the partisans who turn the life of the occupiers into hell!
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