A collaborator was blown up in Melitopol

On August 12, partisans blew up one of the organizers of the “referendum” in the occupied Melitopol.

The explosion rang out around 8:20 a.m. in the yard at 132 Gogol Street near the Athletic Shop sports club. As a result of the explosion, Oleg Shostak, one of the heads of the local election headquarters of United Russia who is responsible for propaganda, was hospitalized.

The action took place as part of the hunt for collaborators who help the Russians stage a fake show of will and “legalize” the occupation. Hence another story of a traitor who decided to serve the invaders and hoped to remain unpunished, and in the end his act was appreciated by the locals.

The National Resistance Center is once again warning that collaborationism is bad for your health.

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