A collaborator was blown up in the Kharkiv region

On July 10, in Veliky Burluk, Kharkiv region, unknown persons blew up the car of the collaborator Evgeny Yunakov. The owner of the car died.

A car with a traitor inside was blown up near the local administration, around 4:00 p.m. Kyiv time. A few interesting facts:

  • before the full-scale invasion, Yunakov was alive and worked as a lawyer for the head of the Vilkhuvat community, Vasyl Sorokin, who also sided with the occupiers;
  • after the war began, the traitor was appointed the Gauleiter of the Kupyan district, until he made a “gesture of goodwill” on July 10.

Reminder, earlier Serhii Tomka who considered himself the deputy chief of police in Nova Kakhovka, was shot by unknown persons in his car. Therefore, we emphasize once again – collaborationism kills!

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