A railway track was blown up near Melitopol

On September 17, an explosion rang out in Melitopol, as a result of which a railway was blown up, which the occupiers use to deliver weapons and fuel for military equipment from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

There are no dead or injured. As a result of the work, the railway near the Nizyany station was damaged. Now the delivery of ammunition for the shelling of Ukrainian cities will become more difficult, because the logistics model of the Russian army is built precisely on the railway.

At the same time, the day before, unknown persons blew up one of the pylons of the power transmission line in the Zaporizhzhia region. Currently, the Russians are actively looking for saboteurs. To do this, they blocked the streets and increased the number of checks on the streets, but to no avail.

It should be noted that the Center of National Resistance calls on local residents to leave the region for the duration of the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the regions.

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