A year of resistance

The National Resistance Center congratulates Ukrainians on the coming New Year and tells what the past was like.

We do not choose the time in which we happened to live, but we can change the circumstances. The current generation of Ukrainians has faced the most difficult tests of the 21st century, and by the end of 2022 we can confidently say that we will pass the exam with dignity.

On February 24, the Russian Federation launched a full-scale invasion and occupied our lands. But almost immediately, the enemy encountered resistance on a national scale. Thanks to the unification of society, we de-occupied Kyiv region, Sumy region, Kharkiv region, Kherson, and Zmiiny, and we will continue to liberate our lands in 2023.

From the very beginning of the occupation, Ukrainians went to rallies, tore down Russian flags, on the contrary hung their own, distributed leaflets, destroyed the enemy’s infrastructure, killed occupiers and traitors, and helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine to identify the whereabouts of the occupiers.

Streymousov, Boyko, Sushko, Kovalev, Stepa, Yunakov, Savluchenko, Laishev, where are you now. executioners of my people? We will simply note that each traitor will bear responsibility for his actions. Because all the above-mentioned characters had illusions about the impunity of their actions. The map of the liquidation of the occupiers is below:

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, thanks to the active activities of the Ukrainian underground and their cooperation with the regular Defense Forces of Ukraine, at least thirty assassination attempts have been carried out against collaborators who cooperated with the Russians.

Some of the traitors were eliminated quite spectacularly, and some under more mysterious circumstances. Most of the successful attempts took place on the territory of the Kherson region, but in general they covered all the temporarily occupied territories.

Thanks to the activity of the underground, it was possible to eliminate many high-ranking collaborators, as well as representatives of the occupying forces and visiting managers.

Due to total sabotage in the captured territories, the enemy was unable to create even a picture of holding a “referendum”. Satisfying their masses with stories about voting for five days at home, to explain the absence of people in “polling stations”.

The Russians know that they are only occupiers here and are still afraid of us. It is because of fear that they invent stories about “Nazism” and NATO, which is fighting against them. The enemy has already lost and is only trying to delay this moment.

However, we have another year of war ahead of us, where we must be strong and not lose faith in ourselves. We call for continued sabotage of the decrees of the occupiers. Know that the enemy is using people on TOT as hostages and a resource.

Leave the temporarily occupied territories, because the Russians are preparing for the “iron curtain” and mobilization. Ignore passporting. But most importantly, we urge you not to participate in mass celebrations today, because the Russians are preparing provocations to legalize their repressions, which they do every day on TOT.

We also call on citizens of Ukraine to communicate with those who were forced to remain on the TOT, and thus break through the information blockade created by the occupiers. These people need special support.

This year was the year of the brave and courageous. We dedicate it to all those who are currently sitting in the basements of the occupiers, to those who returned from there and to those who, unfortunately, will not return. We call on all Ukrainians on New Year’s Eve to honor all those who choose our victory, especially those who cannot tell about it.

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