About Russian propaganda or how the Russians lied last week in the information field

телебачення, пропаганда

The enemy continues to conduct an information and propaganda campaign against our state in order to justify the tasks of the so-called «Special military operation» and undermine the confidence of Ukrainian society in the top military-political leadership.
The top topic of last week in the hostile media was the «destruction» of the Kakhovka Dam and the accusation of the Ukrainian leadership of this crime.
Moreover, the pro-Kremlin media actively disseminated information stating that the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves, on the orders of US and NATO representatives, blew up the dam in order to then blame the Russian side for this.
The next topic was the discussion and dissemination of disinformation materials regarding the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Thus, hostile media actively tried to convey to the domestic audience theses that discredited the military leadership of Ukraine about the impossibility of the Defense Forces of Ukraine for a full-scale counteroffensive. Russian propaganda spread the following narratives:
– «Ukrainian counteroffensive choked»;
– «Ukrainian authorities, together with Western curators, are using the situation around the dam of the Kakhovka Dam in order to justify the failed counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine»;
– «Russian troops successfully destroy personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military equipment of the United States and NATO»;
– «in case of failure of the counteroffensive, the West will stop actively supplying Ukraine, but it is likely to take measures to drag out the conflict».
The third theme of Moscow propaganda was the dissemination in the information field of messages about the so-called «successes of the Russian army during a special operation» in particular; Russian propaganda spread the following narratives:
– «during the week, about 10% of all Western weapons and equipment supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed»;
– «The number of casualties, missing persons and capturing of Ukrainian soldiers has increased significantly».
The enemy expects to continue the campaign to undermine Ukrainian society in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the top military-political leadership of Ukraine, as well as to promote the success of occupation governance in the TOT of Ukraine with an emphasis on «the occupation administrations’ concern for new regions of the Russian Federation».

At the same time, the Kremlin is trying to neutralize growing criticism, as well as reduce the degree of tension between the command of the occupation forces and mercenaries of PMC «Wagner».

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