Activation of military commissariats in the TOT as part of pseudo-elections

The military commissariats established by the occupiers in the TOT of Luhansk region have been instructed to accelerate the registration of so-called “conscripts” and “persons liable for military service” among the residents of the occupied region.

It is likely that the occupiers intend to increase and accelerate the pace of mobilization. In particular, during the pseudo-elections in the TOT organized by the Kremlin, it is planned to clarify the lists of persons who may be subject to mobilization. To this end, the occupation administrations have allowed the use of any identity document for registration at “polling stations”, including Ukrainian passports and driver’s licenses.

The National Resistance Center calls on people to avoid the “polling stations” set up by the occupiers and, if possible, to leave their homes for the period of the autumn escalation with the enemy, because the Kremlin needs elections only as a propaganda picture, and their results are predetermined.

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