Agglomeration in the Luhansk region was transferred to Tatarstan’s control by occupiers

A delegation from the Republic of Tatarstan, headed by its Prime Minister Alexei Yesoshin, made an illegal visit to the TOT of the Luhansk region. They paid particular attention to the city of Lysychansk. This is because the Kremlin has placed the Sievierodonetsk-Lysychansk-Rubizhne agglomeration under the complete control of its subject, the Republic of Tatarstan.

Officially, the delegation announced the implementation of demonstration projects to demonstrate the “restoration of infrastructure” and the initiation of construction projects in the region. Additionally, local occupation administrations allocate housing that the occupiers had previously deemed to be “mismanaged” for workers coming from this area.

At the same time, Tatarstan oversees a program to re-educate local youth and turn them into modern “Janissaries”. In October alone, about two hundred children were taken to the Zarechye camp in Kazan (marked on the map we presented earlier). Along with activities aimed at changing their national identity, a digital competition (a combination of virtual gaming environments and real physical games) was also held. It is possible that in the future, children will be recruited for drone control units on the battlefield.

As part of this policy, Tatarstan will finance the opening of testing centers under the program Ready for Work and Defense (RWD). RWD is a modernized Russian form of soviet sports and paramilitary education for young people, with a mandatory propaganda component and agitation to participate in such paramilitary organizations as the Yunarmiya or the youth activists of Putins “United Russia” party.

The National Resistance Center reminds us that earlier, the Kremlin transferred control over the temporarily occupied Donetsk to the group of Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov.

We urge citizens in the TOT to inform us in advance about such events so that the Ukrainian underground can organize a spectacular meeting for these disrespected individuals.

All Russian officials and collaborators who assist them in committing violence against civilians in the TOT are legitimate targets for elimination by the Resistance Movement.

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