Anniversary of the Liberation of Kherson

Today, November 11, 2023, Ukraine celebrates the anniversary of the liberation of Kherson from the Russian occupation troops. This day is a holiday for all Ukrainians because it symbolises the victory of good over evil and freedom over tyranny.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded the territory of the Kherson region, moving in several directions at once. Regular troops and local territorial defences resisted from the first minutes of the attack. We also remember the feat of the local territorial defence, which took place in an unequal battle in Buzkov Park. However, Kherson was captured by Russian troops on March 1, 2022. Although the occupants managed to establish control of the city, the locals did not surrender. They resisted the invaders in various ways. Active citizens held crowded rallies in the centre of the city, demonstrating to the occupants that they did not like it here.

The territorial defence of Kherson continued to fight even after the capture of the city. Its fighters conducted sabotages, undermined the supply routes of the occupants, and conducted physical liquidations of Russian soldiers and representatives of Russian administrations. It was the activity of the Resistance Movement that helped the Ukrainian military prepare for a counterattack.

The Ukrainian Resistance spread Ukrainian symbols and postcards that demoralised the enemy, gathered intelligence information for the Ukrainian military, and helped the locals. That is why we could observe a series of successful strikes on the Russian command post in Chornobaivka, cutting off their logistics connection across the Dnipro.

Thanks to the heroism of the local territorial defence and Ukrainian resistance, Kherson was released on November 11, 2022. It was a real victory for the entire Ukrainian people.

After Kherson’s release, the government, Ukrainian companies, and local residents continued to rebuild their lives. Despite the fact that the city suffered considerable destruction during the Russian occupation and afterwards the Russians constantly struck it, the city remains at the forefront of the further liberation of the south. This is possible primarily thanks to the indestructibility of local residents and their constant support for the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

Despite the difficulties, Kherson does not lose hope for a better future. They believe that Ukraine will surely win the war and rebuild everything that has been destroyed.

We also encourage you to send your stories of resistance to our e-mail or Resistance.Bot. Your experience is important to us. Let everyone know who the Ukrainians are and that they will not succumb to the Russian invasion. This project will help the Ukrainian resistance share experiences and will inspire citizens to resist the TOT.
Right now, the Defence Forces are actively working on the liberation of the Left Bank of Kherson. We remember how in the first days of the invasion, a brave woman in Genichesk said to the occupant the already legendary phrase “Seeds in the pocket lay, maybe, though sunflowers will grow”. The Russians will always be the occupier and the enemy. It is by informing them about their warehouses and equipment that you approach the moment of release of the TOT.

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