Anti-Russian sentiment is growing in Crimea

The Gauleiter Aksyonov has problems due to the drop in support for the Russian Federation by the local population on the peninsula.

Moscow curators are dissatisfied with the equal support of the Russian authorities by the residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea. According to the latest results of sociological studies commissioned by the Putin administration, anti-Russian sentiment is growing on the peninsula.

That is why the head of the occupation administration of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, had an unpleasant conversation with Kremlin curators. Aksyonov himself, in his defense, provided an «analytical» report to Moscow on the reasons for the growth of anti-Russian sentiment. He singles out the economic problem as the key problem. In particular, the impact of Western sanctions, which led to an increase in prices in pharmacies and basic necessities.

Moreover, the key problem is the reorientation of the peninsula’s resources to meet the military needs of the Russian Armed Forces. For example, the shortage of certain types of medicines is due to the fact that, first of all, medical care is provided to wounded Russians in hospitals. There is also a significant shortage of labor on the peninsula due to the mobilization of the male population. For example, in the agricultural sector, the labor shortage is 77%.

The guilty party this time was the so-called Minister of Energy for Fuel of Crimea Igor Korin, who recently resigned. It is on him that Aksyonov blames the rise in fuel prices, and, accordingly, the price of basic necessities.

The Ukrainian resistance movement will continue to complicate the lives of local collaborators. The crimes you commit against the Ukrainian population on Ukrainian soil will not be forgiven, and every traitor and invader will be punished.

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