As part of preparations for mobilization, the occupiers are removing the reservation of civil servants on the TOT

As the enemy prepares a new wave of mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories, the reservation of civil servants has been removed.

In particular, in the captured territories of the Donetsk region, the Russians have created their own road safety department. The local leadership was replaced by visiting Russians. At the same time, the inspectors were informed that they had been booked for mobilization.

At the same time, in Horlivka, a plan to mobilize 2,000 people was presented to the military commissars. For this purpose, the number of patrols has already increased in the city.

Also in Crimea, security companies began to train Cossack-type “volunteers”.

We will remind you that the Russian Federation is planning a new wave of mobilization that will affect residents of the occupied territories. Propagandists are currently preparing the foundation for closing the borders of the Russian Federation and isolating the country. Holders of Russian passports are planned to be invited to the TOT, because the Kremlin will not make any exceptions for the “expanded regions of the Russian Federation”.

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