«ATESH» destroyed the communication complex of Russians

In the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region, the agent «ATESH» slept the communication complex «R-161».

In the Kherson region, on 22.06.2023, an agent of the «ATESH» movement, from the Russian Armed Forces, made his way to the location of a neighboring unit and set fire to the «R-161» communication complex.

«A new unit of occupiers has arrived in the settlement where our agent is located. The agent, being a Russian soldier, poured into the trust of his colleagues and set fire to their communication complex. Previously, he waited until they were very intoxicated because they were drinking while on duty», the movement reports.

The Center of National Resistance thanks the residents of the TOT for providing important information on the location and movement of the enemy. You can do this through our telegram bot.

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