Before blowing up the Kakhovska HPP, the Russians actively looted the TOT

Russian soldiers began more active looting in the Kherson region before blowing up the hydroelectric plant.

Russian soldiers continue to terrorize the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, on the left bank of the Kherson region, looting continues on the side of the occupier’s troops. On the eve of blowing up the hydroelectric plant, they began to more actively steal property and take it to the Crimea. The Russians looted not only on the left bank, the occupiers also ransacked hotels and recreation centers in resort towns and villages. In particular, the village of Strilkove.

Also, on the eve of the terrorist attack, the Russians intensified their efforts to find the Ukrainian underground.

These events once again indicate that the Russians planned to blow up the Kakhovska HPP and carried out a number of preparatory measures. In particular, during the spring, the Russians systematically evacuated their occupation administrations from the left bank of the Kherson region.

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