Belarus conducts mobilization measures

According to information received from the Belarusian underground, the higher military-political leadership of the Republic of  continues measures aimed at clarifying the data of military records.

So, in each oblast of the Belarus, two types of mobilization orders continue to be issued to conscripted citizens – “mobilization order of a conscript assigned to a command”, “mobilization order of a conscript recruited to support mobilization”.

These documents are clearly structured and contain specific instructions regarding the actions of conscripted citizens in the event of a mobilization announcement, such as the number of the mobilization team, the terms by which the conscript must arrive at the gathering point.

For reference:

The purpose of the mobilization order is to attach a citizen to a military unit and to form approximate lists of those subject to conscription in the event of mobilization. In the presence of a mobilization order, a citizen is obliged to appear at the military commissariat (at the assembly point, at the village executive committee) when mobilization is announced without additional notifications.

The measures indicated above are highly likely to be part of the preparation for mobilization in Belarus.

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