Belarus sends convoys of removed from storage equipment to the Russian Federation

According to the Belarusian underground, local authorities continue to provide assistance to the Russians, including equipment.

Despite the statement of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, regarding the “neutrality” of his country in this war, Minsk continues to provide assistance to the Russian Federation. At the same time, local partisans continue to help us with information.

For example, an echelon (eight platforms, 16 “Ural” vehicles) with automobile equipment removed from storage from the 288 base of the Belarusian Armed Forces was sent from the “Starye Dorogy” railway station (Minsk region) to the “Kamenskaya” station (Rostov region).

Also, an echelon with 25 T-72A tanks, removed from storage from the 969th base of the Belarusian army, was sent from the Urechye railway station (Minsk region) to Rostov. The estimated arrival dates are October 22 and 24, respectively.

Earlier, we reported on the arrival of Russian troops at Belarusian training grounds.

Also, the Central Intelligence Agency reported on Iranian kamikaze drone instructors who arrived in the temporarily occupied south, despite Tehran’s objections.

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