Belarusian underground held an action in support of Ukraine

Belarus, which is actually occupied by the Russian regime, also resists and shows solidarity with Ukraine.

Before the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, in Minsk, the local underground raised the flag of Ukraine at the same time as the military base, that is, right under the noses of the Belarusian military.

Note that in a dictatorial country, the death penalty is provided for “treason”, that is, for any opinion different from the Kremlin’s policy, you might pay with your life. Therefore, even such an action as hanging the flag of Ukraine has deadly risks for the performers, but this does not stop local heroes.

We will remind, earlier in Belarus, unknown people distributed leaflets along the routes of military movement with a call to prevent a war with Ukraine. In particular, they were spread in the area of the city of Zhidche and the village of Nevel (Pinsky district). The postcards are addressed not only to the soldiers of the Republic of Belarus, but also to the citizens of the country.

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