Boycott the Russian product

The National Resistance Center calls on residents of the temporarily occupied territories to boycott Russian content.

The enemy continues to pursue the policy of integrating captured regions into his prison of peoples, because he aims to conquer and destroy the Ukrainian nation. However, your resistance is standing in the way of this process.

Ignore the Russian product, because the enemy uses various tools to destroy the self-identity of TOT residents. Recently, it became known about the introduction of psychologists from the FSB to TOT, who, under the guise of free help, are actually looking for information about the underground, and this is just one example of why Russian services and enemy products are a trap.

Previously, we prepared a selection of resources that will help maintain and develop knowledge of the Ukrainian language. The CNS has also created a selection of psychological assistance services. We are grateful to everyone who opposes and sabotages the occupation initiatives. Glory to Ukraine!

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