Children from the Luhansk region are being prepared to be sent to Karelia, Russia

This week there was a meeting between the Chairman of the Assembly of the Republic of Karelia, Elissan Shandarovych, and the Chairman of the so-called “People’s Council” of the Luhansk Oblast TOT, Denis Miroshnichenko.

One of the key issues was sending children from the occupied Luhansk region to the “beautiful” resorts of Karelia, Russian Federation for “rest” and “rehabilitation”.

Considering how Russians “rest” in the polar latitudes, this does not contribute to recovery at all.

Such frequent trips by the leaders of various regions with the intention of “bargaining” a certain number of children for themselves under the veiled pretexts of “rehabilitation”, “rest”, “cultural exchange” have both a purely practical purpose – dedicating budget funds for these activities, and a more sinister one – more and more funding. There is evidence of abduction of minors and human trafficking.

The Center of National Resistance urges residents of the occupied territories not to send their children on any trips organized by the occupation administrations.

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