Chronicles of resistance: explosions in Melitopol, Russians are brought to vote in a pseudo-referendum

Russians continue to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Inflated prices, and lack of social benefits and products, according to the plan of the occupiers, should force the population to take a Russian passport for the sake of small payments. This is how they try to gather bases of local residents to form “voter lists” for their pseudo-referendum. However, they have serious problems with their organization, and in order to create a propaganda picture, they will use Russians. To do this, they began to issue residence permits to citizens of the Russian Federation, who were illegally transported to the TOT of Ukraine.

All these documents are legally worthless and their only task is to artificially increase the number of voters in the pseudo-referendum. According to the enemy’s plan, it is the imported Russians and their families who are supposed to act as extras in several precincts and participate in propaganda activities. Certificates of the same type should “legalize” their right to go to the “elections” and the “referendum”. The “declaration of will” was supposed to be held on September 11, but due to the lack of support and the total opposition of the locals, they decided to postpone it to approximately November 4.

The Center of National Resistance has already reported that the occupiers are actively taking Russian teachers to the temporarily occupied territories and settling them in the homes of Ukrainians who were forced to leave.

Tension is growing in Melitopol. On the night of September 8, an explosion rang out in the temporarily occupied Melitopol near the “We are together with Russia” headquarters, which deals with the legalization of the occupation.

The headquarters is located on Lomonosova Street, 234. It is there that Russian tourists are creating agitation and looking for extras for events allegedly to “support” the occupation on the part of locals and the voluntary inclusion of the region in the Russian Federation.

However, as we can see, there is no real support from the occupiers, and messages are regularly left to them about this. Earlier, a similar explosion occurred near the headquarters of the “We are together with Russia” district in Berdiansk. Later, explosions rang out in two different districts of Melitopol, all these stories are connected by the involvement of the owners of the houses in the organization of the “referendum”.

Yes, around 6 in the morning, there was an explosion on the street of the Melitopol Division. It was a “congratulation” for collaborator Yuriy Onyshchuk, a former deputy of the city council and head of the local water supply company. Currently, he is helping the Russians to stage a fake show of will.

At the same time, explosions were heard on Koshovyi Street, where Elvira Chernyshova, a member of the occupiers’ fake election commission, lives. As a result of both cases, the windows in the houses were blown out.

Also, the Center of National Resistance has prepared material on the prospects that a Russian passport opens up for its holders. More details are at the link.

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