Chronicles of resistance: payback for collaborators and “mobilization” from the occupiers

After the liberation of a large number of settlements in the Kharkiv Region by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian law enforcement officers began investigating the traitors of Ukraine. Yes, the leader of the Ivanivka village and the “chief” of the Balaklia police have already been arrested.The latest facial recognition technologies are also used to identify traitors. Specialists are studying Russian propaganda videos from the time of the occupation in order to establish the data of those who participated in crimes against the Ukrainian state and insulted state symbols.

At the same time, while active hostilities continue in Kharkiv Oblast, Luhansk Oblast guerillas raised the flag of Ukraine near the temporarily occupied Starobilsk. The flag was installed on the power line in the village of Pishchane. Such a simple but effective hint to the Russian troops demoralizes the enemy against the background of the events in the Kharkiv region.

The occupiers plan to carry out the so-called mobilization of the male population in the temporarily occupied territories. Men are already forbidden to leave the settlements. In particular, the occupiers are strengthening the administrative and police regime, prohibiting entry and exit from populated areas, and introducing a curfew.

Such measures have already been introduced in the population centers of the Kharkiv and Kherson regions, which are controlled by the enemy. Soon, such “practice” is planned to be extended to other temporarily occupied regions.

Also, the Russians threaten to “nationalize” the housing of Ukrainians if they do not return to the occupied settlements by October 1.

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