Chronicles of resistance: people in TOT refuse to participate in a pseudo-referendum

Russians started an imitation of a “referendum” within which they were not even able to gather extras for the “polling stations”.

The propaganda phenomenon which is necessary for the Kremlin to start mobilizing and increasing nuclear weapons pressure started absurdly. In the territories that Russians barely control, armed thugs go around the apartments and imitate the “voting secret”.

Several precincts have also been opened on TOT and many precincts in the Russian Federation, where the local crowd will already create the image the propagandists need.

This profanity does not work on the locals, because from the outside it looks too absurd to take it seriously. Kremlin has no doubts about the results of the “referendum” because it draws the same results. After all, the occupiers cannot count on the real participation of people

For example, in Berdiansk, the locals are totally boycotting participation in the pseudo-referendum, so the occupiers are going with guns to communal enterprises and forcing them to “vote on the spot.” They do this because most of the employees of “municipal” enterprises are officials, doctors, and educators imported from Russia. Therefore, the result is already known.

Also, the so-called “electoral commissions” go around civilian houses in anticipation of finding townspeople who will be able to vote. The situation is similar in Mariupol, where local residents did not come to the so-called precincts. Therefore, the occupiers force them to “vote” at home. However, a convincing argument is that the machines encourage citizens to vote the way the organizers want them to.

In Kherson, locals also refuse to go to a fake vote and do not open their doors to the occupiers. Russians with weapons go to houses and force Ukrainians to sign. And also, as in other cities in TOT Russians go to communal enterprises, where they find Russians actively making the “right” choice as if they were Ukrainians.

Those people of Kherson who refused to participate in the Russian circus are threatened. At the same time, people try not to even open the door to the occupiers. The Russians knew what was waiting for them in the city, so they brought “activists” from Crimea in advance, who formed queues near the “precincts” for the picture. In Donetsk, the so-called “electoral commissions” also go to the places where citizens live. They work with loudspeakers, inviting people to open the door and participate in “voting”, but people have understood the consequences of such a “show of will” and are in no hurry to participate in this performance. After all, under the guise of a “referendum”, in the south, conscripted men are forbidden to leave the region without the commandant’s permission.

The occupiers “officially” state that the restriction is valid only for the duration of the referendum to ensure security, and it is generally understood that after the referendum the enemy will announce mobilization on the occupied lands as well, because it needs human resources. For example, parties of Kadyrov fighters arrived in Kherson for this purpose. They are supposed to help the occupying administrations to ensure the implementation of the plan for the “formation of volunteer battalions”.

In particular, lists of 8,000 people have been created in Kherson region, and 4,000 people in Zaporizhzhia region. The lists were formed by the occupation administrations and the FSB. The mobilized are expected to be sent to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center urges not to leave the house during the “referendum” period and not to open the door to the so-called “electoral commission” members.

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