Chronicles of the resistance: collaborators are fleeing from the south, and in Berdyansk, the headquarters for the preparation of the “referendum” was blown up

The pressure on the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories is increasing. The occupiers are trying to force people to get Russian passports. For this, terrorists are exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. However, instead of passports, people raise riots. So, in Mariupol, residents stage hunger riots due to food shortages. After all, there is no promised help from the occupiers. Yes, in the local park named after The Red Cross provides humanitarian aid to Hurova. This is the only social assistance in the city, but due to too many people, there is not enough food for everyone. As a result, riots begin in the crowds.

We emphasize that Russians benefit from a social crisis, because then it is easier for them to buy passport data and mass for the “referendum”. That is why they make it difficult to issue humanitarian aid, because they are not interested in solving the crisis that they created.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to evacuate from the region at the time of the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the territories. The way local collaborators do it.
The apologists of “peace and order” in the south are leaving the region until “better times”, because they understood that collaborationism is harmful to health.

We have already reported that Kostyantyn Ivashchenko, the head of the Mariupol administration appointed by the occupiers a week ago, left the city. Officially, he left for treatment, but his daughter also left the occupied city.
However, he was not the only one who escaped. Yevhen Balytskyi, the main Gauleiter of the Zaporizhia region, left the South. He is in Crimea, where it is more comfortable for him to “manage” the region. At the same time, Kyrylo Stremousov, a well-known traitor from Kherson, set out to “travel” to the Russian Federation.

That is, the people campaigning for the “Russian measure” themselves escaped from its consequences. This is all you need to know about “stability and return to peaceful life” in the temporarily occupied territories.
The occupiers continue to look for opportunities to simulate the “educational process” in the occupied territories.

The majority of the population left the region due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation, and those who remain have no desire to give their children to the propagandists. It is no secret that the goal of Russian schools is the Russification of Ukrainian children, because no one recognizes the documents of these schools.

Yes, the Kremlin sent a new batch of Russian “teachers” to Luhansk region. It is about 106 teachers who will work in the regions of Luhansk region captured after February 24.

We will remind you that over the past week, the number of families with children who left the temporarily occupied territories for free Ukraine has significantly increased. So, over the past week, on average, 500 children and their parents have been leaving through checkpoints for half a day a day. The reason is the onset of the “school year” and the lack of prospects for TOT.
The Russians also have problems with the imitation of the so-called referendum. In Berdyansk, the headquarters of the occupiers, where they were preparing for a pseudo-referendum, exploded at night.

The explosion damaged the occupation den “We are together with Russia”, there were no casualties. Note that almost all members of this public organization are Russians, who were brought to the city to simulate local support for the occupation. Well, as we can see, occupying a region where you have no support is difficult and quite dangerous.

It will be recalled that on the night of August 25, the headquarters of the occupiers, which was preparing for the “referendum”, was blown up in the village of Pryazovskoe, Melitopol district. It was there that Russians prepared for the “voting” and issued Russian passports to locals. The explosion occurred at 1:30 am.

Earlier, the Center of National Resistance described how the Russians manipulate the numbers before the “captures” and why the Kremlin needs this show at all.
There was also a fire in the temporarily occupied Crimea, in the morning there was a serious fire near the oil depot in the Krasnogvardiy district

Fighting continues in the Kherson region, machine guns rang out in Kherson on the night of August 31, the Russians are shelling the east and south of Ukraine, and they are looking for partisans in the temporarily occupied territories. But the only thing the occupiers will find is their own death.

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