Chronicles of the resistance: elimination of the traitor and the Russian looting

In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, Russians are trying to put pressure on local residents to force them to take Russian passports. To achieve this, they intensify the artificial humanitarian crisis and the police-administrative regime. The prices of essential goods have increased several times. The cost of fuel is also increasing. However, the civilian population continues to offer heroic resistance to the occupiers.

On September 18, there was an explosion in Melitopol, as a result of which the traitor-policeman Denys Stefankov died. The traitor worked as the so-called head of the rapid response department of the People’s Police, betraying the oath of the people of Ukraine. He was responsible for interrogating Ukrainians and searching for members of the Ukrainian underground.

The National Resistance Center reiterates that collaborationism is harmful to health. Traitors are doomed because no one needs them: neither their own nor those whom they betrayed.

But not all occupiers and collaborators can end up like Stefankov. Russian military personnel, as well as those Ukrainians who were forcibly mobilized to join the occupying forces, can safely surrender. For this purpose, a 24-hour hotline has been launched for Russian soldiers who want to surrender. This is reported by the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Read more at the link. This is important because the occupiers are increasing the pace of mobilization on the TOT.

The occupiers make up for the shortage of enlisted personnel by Ukrainians in the captured lands, who are forcibly mobilized into their army.

For example, in the village of Portivske (Mariupol district), the occupiers forcibly rounded up all men under 40. They loaded them on a bus and sent them to the “army”. There were so many mobilized in Alchevsk that the women rioted and tried to block the bus before it left.

Note that Russians hardly equip or train the so-called soldiers. DPR and LPR before being sent to the front. The Kremlin benefits from the death of Ukrainians, regardless of which side they are fighting for because they are only interested in the territory.

That is why we remind you that voluntary surrender will save the life of a mobilized soldier. For information on how to surrender to a prisoner of war, servicemen of the Russian army or their relatives should call the 24-hour numbers: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84.

Meanwhile, after the murder of Oleg, Berdyansk was violently populated, and the Russians began actively looking for saboteurs.

Under the pretext of these searches, the occupiers began to break into empty apartments and garages. In some cases, cases of looting were recorded. They also search for ordinary residents whom the Russians consider “suspicious”.

We will remind you, the spouses of the collaborators were killed on September 16 near their own garage. Oleg was actively responsible for housing and communal services for the occupiers, and his wife headed the city’s polling station regarding the “referendum”.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to leave the region for the duration of the operation of the Ukrainian armed forces to liberate populated areas.

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