Chronicles of the resistance: the underground undermines the occupiers’ plans for a pseudo-referendum, the oath of the fighters of the Resistance Movement

Chronicles of the resistance: the underground undermines the occupiers’ plans for a pseudo-referendum, the oath of the fighters of the Resistance Movement

The Russians are trying to implement plans to hold their pseudo-referendum. They want to stage a show for the citizens of the Russian Federation and try to use it to deceive the world. During the spring and summer, the enemies put pressure on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories by various methods. They created a humanitarian crisis to force people to take their passports and go to the “referendum”. They try to bribe people or threaten to kill them. Despite all this, there is no support among the local population. Everyone who is guided by common sense understands that there will be no vote. But even this performance is disrupted by local resistance. After all, how to direct this play if there are no actors?

Therefore, the occupiers had problems with holding a pseudo-referendum.

According to intelligence, the fake declaration of will may not take place in all temporarily occupied areas due to the failures of the Russian army.

The Kremlin believed that they would be able to gain a foothold and control the entire territory of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhia regions by the summer. That is why they planned to hold the so-called referendum on September 11. However, the armed forces and the underground in the temporarily occupied territories significantly influenced the course of hostilities.

But the Russians continue to promote the topic of the “referendum” in the information field and prepare a propaganda picture. They understand that even staged voting may not take place in all temporarily occupied communities. There are many reasons besides failures at the front. First of all, it is the resistance of the local population and the threat from the partisans, who already know how to work with the enemy’s headquarters.

Therefore, the occupiers can direct their productions in individual large cities and then show this picture to the citizens of the Russian Federation and the world. To do this, they form lists of “independent observers”, which is already ironic, because no one in the world recognizes this “referendum” under the muzzles of tanks and is not going to recognize it.

Local collaborators, representatives of “friendly countries” and citizens of EU members – agents of Russian influence – should become “independent observers” in the imagination of Moscow. Yes, the famous Kremlin propagandist from Italy Sara Reginella, who has been promoting Moscow’s narratives in Italy since 2014, is already in the east.

We once again call on the residents of TOT not to participate in a fake show of will to become an actor in this performance.

Meanwhile, today, September 1, at 4:57 a.m., as a result of another mortar shelling by the Russian occupying forces at the site of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, the emergency protection was activated and the operating 5th power unit was shut down.

On the eve of the visit of the IAEA mission, the occupiers resorted to new provocations at the ZNPP. In addition, the 330 kV ZAES-330 kV backup power supply line for its own needs was damaged. In the transitional mode, the non-working power unit No. 2 was de-energized with the start-up of diesel generators.

Russian propaganda tells about some “mythical landing” of Ukrainian paratroopers on boats, because of which they bombard the city with mortars and attack helicopters. In particular, the planned route of the IAEA visit was hit.

However, it makes no sense for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to capture the station if the surrounding area is under enemy control. At the same time, it is profitable for the Russians to blackmail the world and bring the situation to a farce, shifting the responsibility to the Ukrainian side.

We will remind you that this is not the first Russian attack on Enerhodar. Previously, the city was shelled on a large scale on August 29, and there was also a large-scale shelling from the Russian side on August 6.

Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls for immediate evacuation from the temporarily occupied territories, so as not to become a human shield for the enemy and help our underground. In particular, the Resistance Movement, which works on the TOT.

After all, recently the servicemen of the Special Operations Forces, which are part of one of the units of the Resistance Movement, took an oath on the island of Khortytsia.

The oath was taken at a place that is symbolic for many generations of Ukrainian warriors. After taking the military oath, dedication to the soldiers of the SSO took place. The ceremony ended with the reading of a symbolic oath.

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