Collaborator Balytskyi fails to fulfill the plan to certify Zaporizhzhia’s TOT

Balytsky fails to fulfill the plan to passportize TOT in ZaporizhzhiaDissatisfaction with the illegal governor of the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, Yevhen Balytskyi, is growing in the Kremlin.

One of the main demands of the Kremlin to the occupation administrations in the TOT of Ukraine is the passportization of the entire local population. The Russian government is not interested in methods, the main thing is figures. However, the actual numbers of passports issued differ significantly from those reported by propagandists. In particular, in Zaporizhzhia, Balytsky cannot even imitate the support of the occupiers. The Russians are now actively preparing for their fake elections in September. At the same time, to simulate support, they held “primaries” in the temporarily occupied

territories. And in the TOT of Zaporizhzhia, even according to the reports of the occupation administrations, only 1500 people took part in the elections. Most of them were Russians from the territory of the Russian Federation. This figure is overestimated by half, and even it looks insignificant given the number of people living in the TOT of the region.But for now, Balytsky will remain in office, as it is important for the Kremlin to keep collaborators in allegedly senior positions in the occupation administrations. After all, this creates a propaganda image that the local population allegedly supports the Russians and has gone over to their side. However, the Russian government continues to strengthen the role of its curators in the TOT to control the collaborators.  

Sensing the danger of reducing his influence, Balytsky is increasingly spreading theses aimed at integrating the TOT of southern Ukraine into the Russian socio-economic space. In particular, according to Russian officials, the Zaporizhzhia region should be integrated within the framework of the concept of “Russia’s new Azov Sea region”, which assigns the region the role of a recreational area and agro-industrial center.This concept was presented during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which was attended by a group of collaborators led by Yevgeny Balytsky.In addition, a memorandum of cooperation in trade, economic, scientific, technical, social, and cultural spheres was signed with the Novgorod region of the Russian Federation during the forum.The National Resistance Center thanks the local population in the TOT for passing on important information about collaborators. We remind you that you can send it through the Resistance’s Telegram chatbot.

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