Collaborator car was blown up in Melitopol

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, a car belonging to the “head” of the pseudo-department of education in the occupation administration exploded in the morning.

The explosion occurred near the industrial and economic college. As a result, the car of a local collaborator, Olena Shapurova, who is involved in the implementation of the “Russian educational program”, which actually spreads Russian propaganda among Ukrainian children, was destroyed.

Before the occupation, the traitor headed the aforementioned college. As a result of the explosion, she was not injured, but she got reasons to rethink her behavior.

We will remind you that on September 25, former People’s Deputy and collaborator Oleksiy Zhuravko died as a result of a rocket attack in the temporarily occupied Kherson.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center calls on the residents of temporarily occupied territories to leave the region whenever possible and not to become a “human shield” and mobilization resource for the occupiers.

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