Collaborators complain to Moscow about the lack of teachers

Collaborator Evgeny Balitskyi complained to the main occupier, Vladimir Putin, that there are no teachers in the temporarily captured areas of the Zaporizhzhia region.

In response, the terrorist promised to send teachers to the region. For this, “special conditions” will be created for them to motivate them to go to TOT. It is about an increased salary for the status of a participant in hostilities. In addition, teachers are resettled in occupied apartments of Ukrainians who left due to the occupation.

This situation well illustrates the degree of support of the occupation by the local population, because even despite the closure of schools due to the departure of the majority of parents, there are no teachers in the region, because the latter refuse to cooperate with the enemy.

Note that the teachers brought to the TOT have a propaganda function and are engaged in the Russification of Ukrainians. It is these tourers who impose the worldview of the Kremlin and its vision of history on children. Therefore, these teachers are war criminals and will bear responsibility after the liberation of the region.

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