Collaborators continue to promise tourist season to the residents of the south of the TOT

Russian occupation administrations continue to talk about the “improvements” that the Russian Federation brings to the captured lands. However, this remains only in words.

Yes, of course, no tourist season has started either in the Kherson region or in Zaporizhzhia due to the capture of the region by the Russian troops and the placement of the enemy army in tourist complexes.

However, since March, local Gauleiters have been talking about preparations for the 2023 tourist season and 200,000 residents per day. They made a register of occupied recreation complexes and forced the remaining owners to obtain work permits, and along with this, a passport of the Russian Federation.

However, there are no tourists in the region, so now gauleiters promise tourism development programs and “unprecedented investments” in 2024.

This is the essence of the “Russian world”: to seize the land, destroy everything living on it and turn it into a military object, but at the same time continue to lie to its population about the “unprecedented improvement” that is about to come.

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