Collaborators on the TOT are trying to increase their influence to use Russian money

Due to the strengthening of the Kremlin’s curators, local collaborators on the TOT are trying to curry favor with Moscow to keep the opportunity to steel local budgets.

According to the information received from the underground in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region, the occupation administration intends to attract 25 thousand workers of various specializations from different regions of the Russian Federation to replace local residents who refuse to cooperate or sabotage the tasks of the Russians.

At the same time, one of the leaders of the group of collaborators in the Donetsk region, the self-proclaimed mayor of Mariupol, Oleh Morgun, plans to “use” the budget allocated by the Russian government for the pseudo-recovery program.

This is one of Morgun’s attempts to curry favor with his Russian supervisors to retain at least some influence in the region. As previously reported, in order to control the flow of funds in the Donetsk region, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Khusnulin appointed his proxy to control the collaborator Pushilin.

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