Confession of a Russian looter

The Russians are actively looting the temporarily occupied territories. We publish a video from the phone of one of the liquidated occupiers.

Vladislav Dyatlov from the Kurgan region could have lived a long and possibly happy life, but in 2022 he went to capture and plunder a neighboring country. On September 25, he was liquidated in the Kherson region, and his phone became physical evidence of the crimes of the occupiers.

For example, in the video filmed by the occupier himself, the man marvels at the “expensive life” of Ukrainians, looks for gold, steals kahor from the church and complains that his “colleagues” have already visited him in some apartments.

The Center of National Resistance notes that each of these crimes is documented by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, and therefore each occupier and collaborator will be held accountable for their actions.

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