Consequences of demolition by the occupiers of the Kakhovska HPP

According to the information of the underground network at the TOT of the Kherson region of Ukraine, one of consequences of the detonation by the occupying forces of the Kakhovska HPP will be an increased probability among the population of encountering mines and other explosive substances.

For example, the partisans report that on the eve of the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP dam, enemy units have been actively mining the left bank of the Dnipro river for the past few months. In particular, enemy used anchored river mines which began to be washed away by the water pressure and carried away in the direction of the current.

It is important to remember that the river mine looks like a 3-liter gas cylinder of gray color and has a cross in its design, carries 2.5 kg of TNT and is triggered by contact method from a force of 0.6 – 0.9 kg. Because of this the river mines becomes very dangerous in an unstable condition, especially given the effects of water and corrosion.

In case of discovery, do not touch and report the find to representatives of the National Police of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

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