Crimean partisans helped Ukrainian Army strike Russian submarine

диверсія, атентат, ліквідація

The Sevastopol underground transmitted important information that helped strike the «Rostov-on-Don» submarine.

Partisans of the “Atesh” movement helped a missile attack on a submarine of the Russian Navy, which is based in Sevastopol.
“During the past week, our people were active in identifying important military targets of the enemy. Agents from various fields were involved: civilians, servicemen of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and workers at a repair plant (the last stage of repair of one of the targets was taking place there). The result of the work was that the large amphibious ship “Minsk” and the submarine “Rostov-on-Don” were successfully hit,” Atesh reports.

The National Resistance Center thanks the Crimean underground for the information provided and reminds of the instruction on the safe data transfer to the Defense Forces.

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