Decrees of the Russian dictator are legally void

The main occupier signed decrees recognizing the “independence” of the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, but this does not change the affiliation of these territories to Ukraine.

The occupiers continue to live in the world of their illusions regarding the legality of the decrees of the Russian authorities. Currently, we are observing attempts to repeat the Crimean scenario, where after the “referendum” under the muzzles of machine guns, the Russian Federation recognizes the “independence” of the region of Ukraine and then accepts it as part of the country. This is the logic of the invader.

However, these documents do not have any legal consequences and are purely a propaganda picture regarding the creation of a starting point for mass mobilization in the conquered regions. For Ukraine and the rest of the civilized world, these processes do not affect anything and do not change the map of Ukraine or the Russian Federation.

At the same time, we note that the leader of the occupiers deliberately signed a decree recognizing the independence of all regions within the administrative borders. Yes, Putin recognized the independence of the Zaporizhzhia region without Zaporizhzhia. This testifies to the real goal of the war – to seize as much territory as possible.

Also, Ukraine’s Resistance Center reminds that since October 1, the occupiers actually prohibit leaving the temporarily occupied territories, because they introduce so-called passes. Therefore, it is possible to leave the TOT only with the permission of the occupiers, because they are trying to stop the mass departure of the local population, which does not support the capture of the region.

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