Dissemination of propaganda materials in Crimea

Крим, пропаганда

The Ukrainian underground in Crimea continues to record the distribution of printed information and propaganda materials, which are used to form public opinion among the population of the temporarily occupied peninsula, needed by the Kremlin.

In particular, in the propaganda print publication “Krymskaya Pravda” in its materials in the first days of October, it used the following narratives:

  • Allegedly, the Kremlin’s ability to pose threats to Canada as a response to its measures to support Ukraine;
  • Imposing the idea of the alleged failure of the counteroffensive actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine;
  • Imposing hostility towards NATO;

In addition, among the materials of this publication, it is worth paying attention to the manipulative readers’ vote, which the occupiers initiated among the population of Crimea, asking the following question – “If Ukraine is deprived of access to the Black Sea, will it protect Crimea from drone attacks?”

At the same time, the following options for answers were formed – a) “I support – we need to go to Transnistria”, b) “this will not solve the problem, they will not reach Crimea, they will reach other regions, we need to put an end to Ukraine”, c) “the problem will be solved by the use of nuclear weapons”.

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