Documents of the commander of the Russian National Guards engaged in repressions in Kherson, have been made public

Lieutenant-Colonel of the Russian National Guard Yevgeny Pankov, who with his riot police unit engaged in repression of civilians in Kherson during the occupation, gave all data and documents to the Ukrainian underground.

Note that the policeman did this not voluntarily, but because of negligent compliance with personal safety instructions. Ukrainian cyber resistance gained access to the personal mail of Pankov and his wife.

Therefore, thanks to Pankov’s disregard for information security rules, his personal data became available for study and prosecution for crimes committed by his unit in Ukraine:

Please note that we have made public only those personal documents that do not contain secrets. More interesting materials have been handed over to relevant structures for review.

The National Resistance Center thanks Yevgeny Pankov “for his service” and warns that neither he nor his subordinate police officers will now escape punishment.

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