Donetsk Gauleiters gave utility equipment to the needs of the enemy’s army

The leaders of the so-called DPR (occupied territories of Donetsk region) handed over all local utility equipment to the Russian army.

The equipment was handed over for digging protective structures. Thus, in fact, the work of utility enterprises was stopped, because the equipment is given to them for use only in case of unforeseen repair works.

At the same time, Russian propaganda regularly reports on the replenishment of the communal park. without pointing out the fact that this entire thesis is anchored to the military.

We will remind you that earlier the Russians stole 216 units of agricultural machinery for JSC “Tkachev Agrocomplex. The equipment was taken from storage in the warehouses of captured farms and transported to Krasnodar, where the agricultural complex is based. The owner of the agricultural company is Alexander Tkachev, the former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, who was also the governor of the Krasnodar Territory.

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