Due to heavy losses in Robotyne occupiers cannot place all the wounded in hospitals

The occupation administrations are urgently taking over civilian hospitals in the TOT for their military needs.

Front-line civilian hospitals in the temporarily occupied territories hardly serve the local population. Due to heavy losses among personnel, Russian military hospitals have long been unable to cope with the number of wounded soldiers. Therefore, the occupiers continue the criminal practice of limiting the civilian population’s access to medical services. Civilian hospitals are converted into military ones. At the same time, the Russians leave a small number of civilians in these hospitals in order to use them as “human shields”.

Currently, the Russians occupy more and more civilian medical facilities in the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhia region. In particular, in the Tokmak district, civilian hospitals are filled with wounded Russians from near Robotyne.

We note that everyone in TOT can help the resistance movement to speed up the liberation of the homeland and the victory of Ukraine. You can report the enemy`s location using the link.

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