Due to heavy losses the enemy is forced to bring more doctors to TOT

More and more doctors from the Russian Federation are arriving in Luhansk Region to treat wounded enemy soldiers.

So, a doctor from Bashkortostan arrived in Khrustalnyi (Krasnyi Luch), and doctors from the Moscow region arrived at the hospital in Luhansk itself. In advance, they are promised a monthly rotation, but the previous brigades have already been on TOT for 3-4 months without replacement.

The reason is the heavy losses of the enemy and the increased number of hospitals in the region. Therefore, civilians receive almost no medical care and are sent to the Russian Federation for treatment.

We will remind you that in Donetsk region, all hospitals in temporarily occupied cities have already been converted to the format of treating enemy soldiers. In Horlivka, Yenakievo, Toretsk, Torez, Snizhny and other cities, it is almost impossible for civilians to receive medical treatment.

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