Due to the enemy mobilization, the heating season in Makiivka and Donetsk was interrupted

In Makiivka and Donetsk, the occupiers mobilized 70% of communal workers and thus disrupted the heating season.

In the temporarily occupied Donetsk region, there was a shortage of labor force due to the total mobilization carried out by the Gauleiter to satisfy the Moscow helmsmen. Therefore, the occupiers cannot ensure the livelihood of the controlled territories.

Earlier, the Center of National Resistance reported that a number of enterprises had stopped in Makiivka due to a lack of manpower. Most of the men are either mobilized or are hiding from the summons. To hand over the latter, the Russians conduct raids on the same enterprises and houses.

Note that it is important for the Russians to create discord in Ukraine, so the enemy command is interested in as many deaths as possible of those mobilized from the occupied territories in order to cause hatred of Ukraine in the relatives of the deceased.

Therefore, in the future, “volunteers” are sent to the front without proper training and ammunition, because for the occupiers they serve as cannon fodder and their lives are worthless.

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