Due to the mobilization of the TOT, the number of miners has halved

шахтар, металург

Despite the fact that the Kremlin, directly and through collaborators who organized illegal armed groups and occupation administrations in 2014, proclaimed populist slogans in defense of miners and the mining industry, the number of operating mines is decreasing every year. 

Constant “reorganization/optimization/privatization” by the Russians has only led to a reduction in the number of mine workers. And the general mobilization announced by the invaders in 2022 reduced the number of miners in the TOT by more than half.

At the same time, the miners of the Zasyadko, Academician Skochynskyi, Chelyuskintsiv, and other mines that were closed in December 2022 have not been paid six months of wage arrears.

Thus, the Russians complicate the social situation in the TOT and encourage the civilian population to conscript into the ranks of the Russian occupation forces, where they are promised “stable financial support”. 

The National Resistance Center once again emphasizes that only the speedy de-occupation of Ukrainian lands can return peace and tranquility to the local population, so if you have information that can speed up this process, please contact our chatbot.

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