Each participant of the “electoral process” at TOT will bear responsibility

National Resistance Center urges Ukrainians not to help the enemy hold pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories.

Each member of the “election commission”, “observer”, candidate and agitator, who calls for “voting” on the fake Russian declaration of will on the TOT, will be established and will bear responsibility according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

However, each of you can help us: inform us about “commission members”;
“observers” who will patrol the residents of TOT in the presence of machine guns and will be on duty at the “precincts” on September 8-10.

We are also starting a hunt for Russian propaganda of illegal elections on TOT. If you saw occupier propaganda on Instagram, Facebook or Threads – send a link with a brief description of hostile activities and we will block them.

You can report on propaganda resources or collaborators using the link.

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