The occupation administration of Berdyansk announced raids in the city to check “the availability of consumers of housing and communal services” in the premises.

That is, the russians want to find empty homes. This should help the enemy to supplement the accounting of “ownerless property” for the further “confiscation” of real estate of Ukrainians who left the region because of the occupation. In the future, such property is put up for “sale,” that is, it is given for a pittance to the occupiers and collaborators.

Note that legally such an agreement on sale is void and does not change the ownership of the property. Therefore, all rights to real estate remain with the real owners.

During the raid, the enemy will check those who currently live in the premises. After all, the invaders announced a ban on residents to accept tourists in the housing stock, if the building does not have a suitable purpose. This is done to combat partisans, so as not to allow the owners of the premises to provide housing to outsiders.

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