Enemy continues to look for children studying in Ukrainian online schools

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians continue to look for children studying in Ukrainian online schools.

In particular, in Berdyansk, teachers of the so-called of Russian schools conducted a phone check to detect the appropriate application. They also conduct conversations with children to find out information. If the fact of education is discovered, parents are called to preventive talks, where they are threatened.

Note that Russian schools on TOT are purely propagandist in nature, and that is why it is important for Russians to limit children’s access to education and immerse them in the world of the “Russian world”. In schools, Russification and the imposition of the Kremlin’s worldview and its vision of history are carried out on children. Russians are not interested in children’s education itself, as these raids against Ukrainian schoolchildren prove.

We will remind you that the enemy plans to soon open a training center for “teachers” of history and the Russian language for their schools at TOT. The priority of the selected specialists clearly demonstrates what the “Russian school” emphasizes, namely the study of the language and “correct history”.

The National Resistance Center urges not to send children to centers of Russian propaganda, because Russian education is a path to nowhere.

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