Enemy continues to plunder residents of Kherson region

Residents of the occupied Kherson region continue to suffer at the hands of the Russian invaders, who are now stealing their vehicles.

According to reports, cars are being stolen in the Skadovsk district, and trailers, scooters, and boats are also being taken from people. The enemy claims that the property is needed for the army, but in most cases, the stolen vehicles are later driven to Russia and sold there.

In addition, the Russians are searching for hunting weapons and other valuables during raids on villages, which they also “confiscate.” This behavior once again proves that the invaders do not believe they are there to stay and are looting the region as much as possible.

Earlier, the enemy also raided and looted a fire station in Enerhodar, taking away equipment and failing to return it.

The situation in Kherson remains tense, with locals facing continued harassment and theft by the Russian occupiers. Despite the year-long occupation, the region remains outside the control of the invaders, who are unable to provide security for their own collaborators, let alone the local population.

The Ukrainian government and international community must continue to denounce these acts of aggression and support the efforts of the Ukrainian military to regain control of the occupied territories. The people of Kherson and other regions under Russian occupation deserve to live in peace and security, free from the threat of marauding invaders.

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