Enemy continues to violate International Humanitarian Law in the temporarily occupied Crimea

Thus, according to information from the Ukrainian underground in Crimea, the occupation administration is considering the possibility of mobilizing about 2,500 people of draft age for “military service” in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces by the end of this year. The so-called “department of training and conscription of citizens for military service of the military commissariat of the Republic of Crimea” is developing a mobilization plan for further execution of tasks.

We would like to remind you that the conscription of residents of the eastern and southern territories of Ukraine into the ranks of the Russian Army is a violation of the articles of the Convention on the Protection of the Civilian Population in Time of War.

The National Resistance Center warns that our underground has comprehensive information about all invaders involved in the forced mobilization of Ukrainians in Crimea. And every occupier, every collaborator will bear responsibility for this crime.

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