Enemy disabled the mobile Internet in Luhansk region

The only mobile operator to turn off mobile internet in the temporarily occupied areas of Luhansk region.

Thus, the MKS announced that the connection will be disconnected from February 11 due to the order of the occupation government. Also, accordingly, the service will be excluded from all mobile plans.

However, according to locals, mobile Internet has disappeared in the region already today. In this way, the enemy wants to ensure the secrecy of their movement during military operations, because the Russians know that their every step is tracked by the locals and transmitted to the Armed Forces.

Constant repressions and bans are an eloquent testimony to the lack of support for the occupiers among the locals.

We will remind you that the enemy is preparing to increase the intensity of fighting in the Luhansk direction and thus increases the number of beds for wounded soldiers. The occupiers have already repurposed three civilian hospitals in Luhansk into military hospitals. Russian doctors arrive at the hospital, because the local invaders do not trust them.

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