Enemy encourages people to get russian passport in exchange for social benefits

The Russians are launching employment centers in the temporarily occupied territories, but you will be able to register there only with the enemy’s passport.

First, the Russians captured and destroyed the cities in the south and east of the country, and then finished off the industry, which was cut to metal. Now the enemy promises unemployment benefits, but only on the condition of receiving his red waste paper.

Employment centers under the Federal Labor Service (Rostrud) will start working in 2023 and will offer vacancies throughout the Russian Federation. That is, in order to find a job in the captured lands or receive social benefits, you have to get an enemy’s passport. At the same time, they will find you a job in the Russian Federation itself and thus take you away for further assimilation.

The National Resistance Center urges not to cooperate with the enemy and to ignore the passporting of the enemy. If possible, leave the region until it is released by the Armed Forces.

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