Enemy has no place to deploy its soldiers on the TOT

The Russians have already occupied almost all the vacant premises in the temporarily occupied south, and cannot find a place to settle their soldiers.

So, in Crimea, the occupiers settle soldiers from Yakutia in the homes of local residents. In particular, such cases were recorded in the temporarily occupied village of Sovietskoye, where more than 600 Russian servicemen were stationed the other day.

Since there are no free premises in the village for the quartering of such a large number of soldiers, the Russian occupation authorities “call on” the population to take soldiers into their homes.

A similar situation is observed in the occupied regions of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, where the enemy has already occupied almost all free schools and hospitals.

The National Resistance Center calls on local residents to leave the region until it is liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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