Enemy intensifies repression and steals Ukrainian grain – review from TOT

The Russians are intensifying repression against Ukrainians, hoping to find members of the underground, and continue to loot the captured territories. The National Resistance Center has prepared a new overview of the main events in the temporarily occupied territories.

Heroes of resistance

The National Resistance Center launched a series of stories about those who resist the occupation. After all, right now, a new heroic epic of the Ukrainian people is being formed before our eyes, and none of its participants should be forgotten.

We talked about those:

Underground searches

The occupiers have intensified filtering measures in the temporarily occupied territories.

In particular, due to the fire damage to the facilities of the Russian occupying forces in the Kherson region. Therefore, in the settlements of Novomykolaivka and Krasne (Skadovsky district), throughout November 22, the occupiers checked the houses, telephones and documents of local residents. During the searches, equipment, weapons and other property were seized from the residents.

The Russians have also intensified repression against the residents of Crimea, who oppose the occupation of their homeland. They are accused of extremism and discrediting the Russian army. The so-called courts considered more than 200 cases in these cases, most of which ended in guilty verdicts.

In the Luhansk region, the occupiers created a bot in Telegram for anonymous denunciations, because the local population transmits information about his movements to our military. Therefore, the enemy is resorting to intensifying repressions here as well. You can spam the enemy using the link.

The Center of National Resistance notes that all these methods do not work, because the Russians remain local occupiers, and increasing terror will not change anything.

Russification of children and theft of grain

The occupiers continue to commit crimes against the civilian population. In particular, the enemy continues the policy of Russification of children by involving them in occupation schools with Russian teachers.

Yes, in the south, Russians check children if they are outside during school hours. Also, whether a child is studying in a Russian school is checked by doctors imported from the Russian Federation during medical examinations arranged by the Russians.

At the same time, the phones of children and their parents are checked for installing the application of the Ukrainian online school. Note that at the same time, the Russians promise one-time payments of 10,000 rubles if the family agrees to go to the schools of the occupiers.

The occupiers also continue to rob Ukrainian farmers in the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, they looted farms in the town of Bilokurakyne (Svativ district, Luhansk region). The occupiers took grain and agricultural machinery to the Russian Federation.

The day before, the Russians stole 216 units of agricultural machinery from the Donetsk region for JSC “Agrokompleks named after Tkachev”. The equipment was taken from storage in the warehouses of captured farms and transported to Krasnodar, where the agricultural complex is based. The owner of the agricultural company is Oleksandr Tkachev, the former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, who was also the governor of the Krasnodar Territory.

Also earlier, the enemy ransacked LLC “Starobilsky Elevator”, from where they took almost 900 tons of grain (harvest of 2021). In particular, more than 600 tons of wheat grain and 275 tons of sunflower grain were stolen.

The National Resistance Center notes that every collaborator who helped the occupiers in the looting of Ukraine will be punished under the Criminal Code of Ukraine. All the losses caused to Ukrainian farmers will be paid by the Russian Federation thanks to the forced collection of reparations.

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