Enemy is trying to spread its propaganda among the less protected sections of the TOT population

The occupiers are actively planting their propaganda in the temporarily occupied territories, in particular as a result of the “Russian Peace” program.

For the entire civilized world, the phrase “Russian peace” has a negative Nazi connotation, but the occupiers are proud of it and have created a corresponding program for planting their propaganda.

In particular, in TOT half-day, the enemy gives out television equipment to privileged categories, as well as to residents of settlements where Russian television is not received. Installation of the equipment is free, and there is no fee for use.

However, owners of the respective receivers can watch only designated federal Russian channels. At the same time, the occupiers are taking personal satellite dishes from Ukrainians so that they cannot learn the truth.

The National Resistance Center reminds that the propagandists of Nazi Germany did not escape punishment for their crimes after the war, so Russian war apologists will not escape responsibility either.

At the same time, we urge Ukrainians to avoid installing Russian television equipment, because Russian propaganda brings with it poverty, slavery and death.

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